Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Questions...

1.What do you like most about your home town ?
• The food

2.Who was your favorite friend growing up ?
• None! I love my friends RIGHT now.

3.What was your favorite childhood activity ?
• Talking to Barbie ;)

4.What was your best christmas that you remember ?
• I don't celebrate Christmas.

5.Who was your favorite teacher ?
• English teacher ;)

6.What was your favorite meal at school or to get in your lunch ?
• Nasi Lemak

7.What was your favorite school subject ?
• English... just because I suck at everything else.

8.What was your favorite school trip ?
• My school was lame so the trips are all lame!

9.What is your favorite month ?
• November!

10.What is your favorite season ?
• Summer.

11.What is your favorite animal ?
• Cats !

12.What is your favorite style e.g. goth , emo , punk , trendy ?
• I like those 80's style

13.What is your favorite theme park ?
• I'd say Disneyland but I've never visited any :(

14.What is your favorite theme park ride ?
• Roller coasters. With flip holes.

15.what is your favorite TAKE AWAY food ?
• McDonald

16.What is your favorite item of technology ?
• Blacberry maybe.nahh

17.What piece of technology would you love to own ?
• Ipad pleasseeeeeeeee

18.What type of car would you like to own ?
• Suzuki Swift.

19.If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be ?
• Los Angeles,New york !

20.What is your favorite smell ?
• Sambal belacan.hahaha

21.What is your favorite method of transport e.g. train , plane car ?
• Train.

22.What is your favorite band ?
• Muse

23.What is your favorite item of clothing ?
• My denim.

24.What is your favorite alcoholic beverage ?
• I dont drink alcohol

25.What is your favorite non alcoholic beverage ?
• Coke.

26.Who is your favorite comedian ?
• Chelsea handler

27.What is your favorite soap opera?
• none.

28.What is your favorite major television show e.g. LOST , DH ?
• Desperate Housewives

29.Do you prefer recording to VCR , DVD or HDD ?
• DVD.

30.Do you want television to digitally switch over ?
• No.

31.Are you afraid of spiders ?
• Not really.

32.Are you afraid or snakes ?
• Yes!

33.Are you afraid of anything silly e.g. socks ?
• I'm globophobic.

34.Are you against things you dont understand e.g. homophobic?
• Nope...

35.Are you afraid of the recession ?
• Yes! I love $$$!!!!

36.Do you worry about how people perceive you ?
• Urgh sadly I do.

37.Do you enjoy your job ?
• Currently unemployed.

38.Do you grit your teeth when people make a comment to you or do you speak up ?
• I just roll my eyes...

39.Do you prefer hot or cold weather ?
• I guess cold

40.Do you wear no coat even if its freezing ?
• Nooooo.

41.If you couldn't have children would you adopt?
• I don't know... maybe.

42.If you were going to die ( morbid i know ) would you donate your money to a charity if there was no one else to give it to ?
• Yah of course.

43.Are you a tea or coffee person ?
• Coffee.

44.What is your favorite holiday eg halloween , xmas , easter?
• Hari Raya, I still get money.

45.Do you prefer Disney or Warner Bros ?
• Disney.

46.Do you like your appearance at this moment ?
• No...Sakaimuch

47.Would you have plastic surgery ?
• Nope.

48.Would you want to be a celebrity ?
• Yes..

49.Would you appear on Big Brother ?
• WTH is big brother??

50.Would you pass on this tag ?
• Of course!

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