Sunday, October 31, 2010


HE touched me, so I live to know
That such a day, permitted so,
I groped upon his breast.
It was a boundless place to me,
And silenced, as the awful sea
Puts minor streams to rest.

And now, I ’m different from before,
As if I breathed superior air,
Or brushed a royal gown;
My feet, too, that had wandered so,
My gypsy face transfigured now
To tenderer renown.

Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886)

Shorform Your Words (:

S = Special
M = Magic
I = In
L = Loving
E = Everyone

M = Men
A = Are
R = Recognize
L = Love
B= Because
O = Of
R = Romance
O = Only

LAM: Lambat
PI : Pick-up

L = Leg
O = Open
V = Very
E = Easy (Cool Gak kan?Hahaha)

K- Keep
I- It
S- Simple
S- Stupid

Friday, October 29, 2010





Everybody lies. Truth.
I did. I still do. Well, I don't really tell lies "lies". How about white lies then?

Ok talking about white lies... they're still lies anyways. However white, however clean the lies you tell, they're still lies anyways.
You ask if they hurt. Well, yes: if you don't know if they're actually lying, but soon you know. And no: if you know they're lying, but they still lie anyway.

Sometimes you just wanna laugh at those liars who keep on lying to you, even when you know they really are. You don't wanna tell them that you know - not because you don't have the guts to, you do; but you wanna know how hard they'll break down because they do lie to you.

Yep, you. I just wanna tell you one thing.
I believe in you. I put my trust in you.
Just please, don't break it.

Because once you break it, it's hard to you to get the privilege back.
Raining Outside.Raining inside..):


1. Will change my last name
And I hope his last name is actually a good name ;) hahaha. You may ask 'what's in a name?' but really, name is important - well at least to me.

2. Will change me and my life, to be better
He will change me and my life to be better, yes. He will tell me if I go wrong, he will help me get through it, so I won't have to go wrong twice. He will be happy when he knows that I've changed to be a better person because of him and only him. He will smile when he knows that he's made my life more colorful because of him, too.

3. Will ask me to have a fine dinner, just two of us
Yep like when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend. Because people know, that when they get married, they won't do such things like they did when they were boyfriend and girlfriend. He'll take me to a fine dinner every weekend. Maybe sometimes we'll take the kids with us.

4. Will always phone me whenever he's away
Even in his busiest hours. Even when he is at work. Just to tell me that he loves me. Or perhaps if he doesn't have time to phone me, he'll text me an I love you. And it's more than enough to me.

5. Will always be my man
Will be the man I can always rely on. Will be the man that makes me smile when I don't know how to. Will be the man that gives me a shoulder to cry on. Will be the man that wipes my tears off. Will be the man that loves me, in and out. Will be the man that assures me we can build a happy and strong family.

6. Will hear my stories every night
He will give his ears for free, just to listen to my stories: what I did yesterday, what I'm doing today, what I'll do tomorrow, what I've done in my whole life. He'll listen when I share. He'll listen when I cry my eyes out, when I bleed my heart.

7. Will hug me whenever I need or needn't one
He will love hugging me. Every morning when I just wake up, when he's about to go to work. Every evening when he gets home from work, when I'm in the kitchen cooking his meal. Every night when we're about to sleep. And in my dreams, he won't stop hugging me and telling me he loves me.

8. Will raise his kids our way
He will love his kids like he loves himself. He will love his kids like he loves me. He will know how to teach his kids. He will know how to make them happy, smile and laugh. He will never make them cry, well okay even if they cry, the tears that fall down their cheeks are happy tears. We will make the best birthday parties for our kids. He will come to every parental meeting. He will always smile whenever our kids get their results, even if they get a C. He will watch them when they have matches to play at school.

9. Will never tell me goodbye
He said hello for the first time.... but he'll never tell me goodbye. Only see you.

10. Will never leave me till death do us part
.......he will never. We will still tell I love you(s) when we get old. We'll still watch movies together. We'll still have fine dinners. We'll play with our grown up kids. We'll still do things together...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

*BLog Ku Apa Khabar*

Dah lama dah tak update blog kan?Banyak hal jadi.macam-macam..tension.tension.tension..Kolej pun nak start dah..So aku nak wat perubahan perangai sikit.Dan akan ku start update blog balik.(: