Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#100 Truth

Okay aku copy ni dekat notes aku kat facebook and aku copy dari 1 website ni.Aku mengaku aku copy tak macam orang tu konon tak pernah copy perfecto geniusto buto! ;D
So ni haa korang pun boleh copy and paste kat blog ke apa ke.itsokay sharing is caring..but credit to me haa so ni aku type yang baru punya.so ni haaa

Real name: Natasha Meera Bt ahmad riduan
Nickname: Nat,tasha,yaya
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Male or female: Female
Elementary School: St.teresa Brickfields
High School: Smk.Bandar baru sentul
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair color: black
tall or short: not sure?
Sweats or Jeans: jeans
Phone or Camera: Phone
Health freak: nah
Orange or Apple: Apple
Piercings: Ears
Pepsi or Coke: Coke

Been in an airplane: Yes
Been in train: Yes
Been in a car accident: never,yet
Been in a fist fight: Yes (:
First piercing: Yes
First best friend: My first cat..nyet..haha
First award: Art contest in year 4
First crush: I believe his name was jon,hahaha
First word: Mama,papa,yoyo,yaya (which is My first 4 words)
Last person you talked to in person: Hairul
Last person you texted: Tyra
Last person/s you watched a movie with: My collegemate
Last food you ate: Bihun tomyam
Last movie you watched: Sekali lagi ;D
Last song you listened to: Santigold Say aha
Last thing you bought: shoes?If I’m not mistaken
Last person you hugged: Ehem ehem hahaha MR maggi

Food: Nasi campur,sambal belacan must have,pure malay yawww
Drinks: ice lemon tea
Bottoms: skinny jeans all the way!
Flower: sunflower
Animal: Cat
Color: Neon and pastel colors
Movies: anything really
Subjects: English ? hee
[X] fallen in love with someone.
[ ] celebrated Halloween.
[X] had your heart broken.
[X] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone.
[x] had someone question my sexual orientation.
[ ] got pregnant
[ ] had an abortion.
[x] did something I regret.
[x] broke a promise.
[x] hid a secret.
[x] pretended to be happy.
[x] met someone who changed your life.
[x] pretended to be sick.
[ ] left the country
[x] tried something you normally wouldn’t try and liked it.
[x] cried over the silliest thing.
[ ] ran a mile.
[x] went to the beach with your best friend.
[X] got into an argument with your friends.
[x] hated someone.
[x] made new friends this year who are like your good friends now

Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Nothing
Listening: nothing
Sitting/Laying: sitting
Plans for today: sleep
Waiting: New year

Want kids?: one awesome girl and one awesome boy :D
Want to get married?: yeah. there’s no way to say no.
Career: a diploma

Lips or eyes: eyes
Shorter or taller: taller
Romantic or spontaneous? Spontaneous
Nice stomach or nice arms?: Arms
Looks or personality? Personality

Lost glasses/contacts: Glasses hahaha
Snuck out of a house: Yes
Held a gun/knife for self defense: none.
Killed somebody: no
Broken someone’s heart: perhaps?
Been in love: Yes
Cried when someone died?: yes

Yourself: Yes
Miracles: perhaps. i don’t know.
Love at first sight: yessss
Heaven: yes. i have one on earth, home.
Santa Clause: erkh
Sex on the first date: haha never.
Kiss on the first date: nah

Do you know who your real friends are? Yepper
Do you believe in God?: yes.
Post as 100 truths? why not.

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