Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A few years ago, you had stole my heart,but I was wrong because i'm leaving you,but I need to moved here(my hometown).The first year here,I still need you,but sooner,the feeling was gone,probably because of our long distance relationship,and difficult to contact each other.Second year here,somebody had stole my heart and I need to forget about you,need to move on.No more YOU..but i cant..its hard..Second Love..duhh (: After six years,we had meet again,but times have changed and we also have changed alot..Lol.but this time..erkh!!whats wrong with me..hey..i miss you so much!!I still need you!!but you..already in relationships..sucks!;p and both of u seems very happy kinda jealous..but itsokay..I still love you ;)and u apart of my history..:D

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