Friday, October 29, 2010


Everybody lies. Truth.
I did. I still do. Well, I don't really tell lies "lies". How about white lies then?

Ok talking about white lies... they're still lies anyways. However white, however clean the lies you tell, they're still lies anyways.
You ask if they hurt. Well, yes: if you don't know if they're actually lying, but soon you know. And no: if you know they're lying, but they still lie anyway.

Sometimes you just wanna laugh at those liars who keep on lying to you, even when you know they really are. You don't wanna tell them that you know - not because you don't have the guts to, you do; but you wanna know how hard they'll break down because they do lie to you.

Yep, you. I just wanna tell you one thing.
I believe in you. I put my trust in you.
Just please, don't break it.

Because once you break it, it's hard to you to get the privilege back.

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