Thursday, February 12, 2009


Did you ever WondeR what
It wouLd be Like...
iF chiLdreN ruLed thE wOrLd?

SkyscRApers of BuilDing BLocks
sTreetS oF chaLk-o-Late bars
And toYS On everY coRner.

The wOrLd woULd be noT perfect
No waRS,no joBs,no SchooL
and evERyone woULd gather...
At the PLatic swimminG PooL.

bUt ah,this is oNLy faNTASY,
beCAUSE AdulTs seems to think
tHAT THE only way to tHink
is The waY they think
But,iF EVERyone thought The Way they Think
i WOuLd be iNcLined tO think
That We coULd noT Think...
At aLL..

iT soRT of makEs You woNder
wHy adULts makE Life so haRD
and exaCtLY WHat WoULd beCome oF us...
iF chiLdreN RuLed thE woRLd

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